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6 Smart Outfits for Wearing Black Pants Outside of Work

Let’s be realistic for a minute…

Imagine with me,

You are a manager at a small office in town. You oversee 6 people who work for 10 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Amongst the six, is Patrick. A young man in his early thirties. Patrick is a jack of all trades. He does your emails, do stock reconciliation, do week-long planning of consumables.

He loves his job and is very passionate. He even shares ideas on how to scale your business and you can see a future manager in him.

6 Smart Outfits for Wearing Black Pants Outside of Work
Smart Outfits for Wearing Black Pants Outside of Work

On the other side is Gideon. A outspoken guy, looks official and is the office-only guy. No one knows what he does past the business premises.

Gideon is in charge of customer feedback documenting.

The problem with Gideon is, he can’t perform any other given task. Reason? It’s beyond his pay grade.

He even spreads his work over the 10-hour working period. He can do nothing else and everyone has accepted that reality. You can’t give him any other duty since he’ll abscond it.

I won’t ask that question, and I know you dislike Gideon already.

There’s a Gideon in your wardrobe, one who’s only task it to be worn to work. You can’t even have it on while at home due to a number of reasons.

But what if the Gideon in your wardrobe could be converted to Patrick? What if all of a sudden, Gideon could turn to a favorite amongst the employees?

Want to know your Gideon?

Journey with me…

Originally, work pants were treated as delicate and reserved for job purposes only. They wrinkled easily and rarely would you decide to make out with a work pant when a more fool option was available.

Instead of a older-look, an option of a perfect fit pants are available. And they can be used at work too. Without worrying, wrinkle free and you won’t look out of place in them.

The following outfits are of the right length, have no break and are of good fit.

Tell me which is your favorite in the comments below!

  1. Autumn Smart Casual

men outfit black pants white sneakers gray sweatshirt topcoat

Pants: Haggar, $36.99 / Top coat / Sweatshirt / Sneakers

  1. Rugged Weekend

black khaki pants, shirt jacket, white henle, suede boots men outfit

Haggar Iron Free Premium Khaki / Shirt jacket / Henley / Boots

  1. Brunch in the Arts District

green flannel shirt black pants gum sole sneakers men casual outfit ideas

Pants: Haggar / Flannel / Sneakers

  1. Casual Americana

denim jacket beige sweater black pants brown boots men

Pants: Haggar / Jacket / Sweater / Boots / Guitar

  1. Sunday Stroll

camel topcoat, black pants, denim jacket, gray sneakers men outfit

Pants: Haggar / Coat / Jacket / Sneakers

  1. Holiday Dinners

brown blazer black khakis tan shoes

Pants: Haggar / Blazer / Shoes