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5 ways to style a jeans and a t-shirt

The easiest go-to fashion combination is jeans + t-shirt combination. Though majorly known for its casual appeal, the combination can still nail for an official look.

The advantage of this combination is the simplicity it comes with. It’s not like its counterpart, the suit, which can only be worn by a specific class of people.

Ranging from the presidents of United States to the street merchant, all of them will gladly wear this combination and not sell out their look or appeal.

It is the way that they combine it which will now define the perceived value. Old school style was either having the jeans as so huge, baggy, or the t-shirt or both of them. This was very common among the hip-hop artist and they made it a fashion to reckon with.

Both young and adults who emulate the artist then took to wearing the extra big clothes just to look and feel like the artist.

Others seeing no fun in wearing clothes, whose material could as well make for a pair of the same.

With that small difference came the skinny jeans/t-shirt combination and the fitting ones.

And that small tweak brought a huge difference in the fashion industry.

Do you know how simple changes can make huge difference in your wardrobe?

For most people, a t-shirt and jeans is a default look even if it looks terrible… so to appear as that classy, elegant individual who oozes authority, here are the 5 top ways you can combine the two and look super dope.

5 ways to style a jeans and a t-shirt
5 ways to style a jeans and a t-shirt

1.      Old school

Don a close fitting pair of jeans and roll it up for a rugged cool look.

Next is a white t-shirt. This is a timeless look… add this to some combat boots, preferably brown.

What you have is a historical look that goes down the years.

2.      Black V-neck t-shirt for shorter and heavier guys.

A V-neck t-shirt will bring you out as a slimmer and taller guy. Adding to these a black fashion sneakers and a bright watch just kills it right there.

3.      Suit-up

A famous classic man look. To pull this out perfectly, you will need a casual white jeans and a blazer…

This look is sharp and put together perfectly, puts a small difference between you and large companies’ CEO, unless you are one.

And just an icing on the cake, make sure the blazer is textured. You can also throw in a pair of sunglasses if the weather permits.

4.      Dark jeans and a grey t-shirt

Add a dark leather jacket gives strength of strong masculinity. Add Chelsea boots.

This look is a sharp and vintage. All being dull but authoritative colours.

5.      Just chill

With well fitted jeans with a white t-shirt. A flannel shirt over the t-shirt brings a casual great look.

The flannel shirt is the secret here. It is medium weight to be worn either on its own or on top of a t-shirt.

With this look, the basketball game awaits your ‘fanatism’.