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Comprehensive Health Services at the Eastbrooke Blacktown GP Super Clinic

Introducing the Eastbrooke Blacktown GP Super Clinic, a contemporary and established bulk blacktown medical centre offering extensive primary healthcare services to the residents of Blacktown, Australia. This facility caters to diverse needs through a passionate team of physicians interested in general medicine, aged care, chronic disease management, pediatrics, women’s and men’s health, travel medicine, minor surgeries, occupational health, and refugee health.

Key features of the Eastbrooke Blacktown GP Super Clinic include:

  • Comprehensive Primary Care: Provides a broad spectrum of medical services under one roof, fostering continuity of care.
  • On-Site Specialists: Offers consultations with a bulk billing pediatrician and other specialists such as diabetologists, asthma experts, and travel medicine professionals.
  • Allied Health Professionals: Accessible allied health services like hypnotherapy, podiatry, dietetics, counseling, exercise physiology, occupational therapy, and psychological support.
  • Multilingual Staff: Culturally sensitive environment with doctors speaking languages like Turkish, Arabic, Kurdish, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, Hungarian, Filipino, Indonesian, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay, Tamil, and Sudanese.
  • Convenient Location: Open seven days a week with on-site parking, located within a hub featuring pharmacies, pathology labs, medical imaging facilities, dental practices, hearing clinics, and fitness clubs.
  • After-Hours Support: For urgent matters outside regular operating hours, patients may reach out to the provided hotline number or seek immediate assistance by dialing ‘000’.

Notable physician profiles include Dr. Bashar Mahmood, who has served the local community for over two decades, focusing on areas like cardiology, endocrinology, pediatrics, and minor procedures; Dr. Naeem Hanna, experienced in cardiology, respiratory medicine, child health, and orthopedics; Dr. Raquiba Karim, specializing in geriatric medicine, women’s and children’s health, and family planning; and Dr. Peter Ngo, proficient in integrative medicine, pediatric emergencies, and skin care treatments.

In addition to highlighting the exceptional medical services offered by the Eastbrooke Blacktown GP Super Clinic, it’s essential to acknowledge a recent incident involving the nearby Blacktown Hospital, where a young woman named Dua Ali tragically lost her life due to a misdiagnosis leading to an undiscovered aortic dissection. Her case raised concerns regarding communication barriers between non-English-speaking families and hospitals, particularly concerning the allegedly missing documentation related to a disputed discharge against medical advice form.