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A Strange Tradition In U.S Family- Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time when families come together and celebrate the holidays. Learn more about this unorthodox tradition and why it’s popular in the United States.


There’s something peculiar about the traditions that American families observe on Thanksgiving. While many people worldwide traditionally celebrate thanksgiving, it’s become exceedingly strange and convoluted in the United States.Thanksgiving dinner

Some of the most popular traditions include giving thanks to several gods or goddesses, eating Thanksgiving dinner late into the night, and binge-watching television shows during the holiday weekend. Many Americans also believe it is necessary to give thanks for everything that has happened in their lives – good and bad – on this special day. 

Though some people may find these traditions fun and interesting, others see them as absurd and paganistic. It’s no wonder there is growing discontentment with American Thanksgiving celebrations among non-Americans who are increasingly looking to other countries for inspiration when it comes to celebrating holidays.

Why It’s Popular?

Thanksgiving is a strange tradition in the United States family. While it’s popular globally, it is celebrated less in other countries.

Some people believe that the holiday should be renamed “Wendy’s Day” because that’s what it is – a day to celebrate the commercialism of Thanksgiving. American Thanksgiving traditionally consists of spending time with family and eating lots of unhealthy food that doesn’t represent what the holiday is supposed to stand for. 

In recent years, there has been an increasing trend of people choosing to boycott Thanksgiving altogether in protest against its commercialism. Thanksgiving is a traditional holiday in the United States that celebrates the harvest season. It’s popular because it commemorates when America’s indigenous people first received thanks for their blessings from their European settlers.

Today, Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to come together and enjoy a special meal. Traditionally, this meal includes food harvested or traded by the family members involved in the holiday. Along with this traditional feast, there are often ceremonies and rituals associated with Thanksgiving. These include wearing costumes or engaging in cultural activities that honor various aspects of Native American culture. Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving is an integral part of American culture and continues to be widely celebrated every year, thanks to its widespread popularity.


Thanksgiving, a traditional holiday in the United States, commemorates the Pilgrims’ successful escape from England and their first Thanksgiving feast. It’s a time to celebrate friendship, family, and the Pilgrims’ outstanding accomplishments.

Some people celebrate Thanksgiving by cooking a turkey or ham, while others prefer to buy one already cooked. Many Americans also enjoy decorating their homes with festive Christmas decorations.